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Dact is a tool for viewing and analyzing Alpino corpora. It is a user-friendly replacement for the excellent Alpino Treebank Tools. Don't want to install anything? Try PaQu.

With Dact you can open and query Dact corpora, compact corpora and directories with XML files. Dact can show trees and count occurrences for almost anything you can query using XPath2 and XQuery expressions. Instantaneously.


  • Easy to use interface

    Dact features an easy to use interface that works like any other desktop application.

  • Tree

    Parsed sentences are shown as trees and nodes that match your XPath query are highlighted. You can print a tree or save it as PDF. And you can click a node to inspect it in the inspector.

  • Node inspector

    Inspect tree nodes to see their attributes. These are the attributes you can use to refine you XPath queries. Any attribute encoded in the corpus is shown.

  • Statistics

    Because Dact uses DBXML to store corpora, queries can be run quickly. The results of these queries can be copy–and–pasted into almost any program or spreadsheet.

  • Sentences

    Gain insight in your corpus by looking at matched words in their context, or hide the context completely.

  • Download new corpora

    Download corpora directly from within the app. You can bring your own compact corpus as well, or even a folder with XML files.



Various syntactically annotated corpora are available for use with Dact. The Lassy Small and Lassy Large corpora are available from TST Centrale. Some publicly available corpora can be downloaded directly from within Dact, including the newspaper sections of the Eindhoven corpus and a selection of 100,000 sentences from the Dutch Wikipedia.


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… or compile Dact yourself. The source code is on GitHub. We also provide a handy set of macros that might be useful. More information on how to use macros can be found in the Dact Manual.

When you use Dact in your research, please cite: Large Scale Syntactic Annotation of Written Dutch: Lassy, Gertjan van Noord, Gosse Bouma, Frank Van Eynde, Daniël de Kok, Jelmer van der Linde, Ineke Schuurman, Erik Tjong Kim Sang, Vincent Vandeghinste, In: Peter Spyns & Jan Odijk (eds.): Essential Speech and Language Technology for Dutch: resources, tools and applications. Springer 2013



Questions about Dact can be sent to: Daniël de Kok <>

Please use our bugtracker to report bugs that you encountered in Dact.